COVID-19 Updates

June 1, 2020

To our valued partners, members, and ridership: At the end of May, the SMA board contacted the Covid-19 business response team in Saskatchewan where we received confirmation that motocross racing would be included in phase 4 of the reopen Saskatchewan plan. At this time, the group size maximums, and dates for phase 4 are to be determined.

We also reached out to our insurance provider for race events who confirmed that without substantial or written approval from government, we would be unable to successfully insure our events.


With this taken into consideration, as well the health, safety, and well being of our partners, members, and ridership we must make the following difficult decisions.

• SMA sanctioned race events will not take place in June or July of this year.
• A Provincial Championship Series will not take place as a result
• Series points and awards will not be presented in 2020, including the year end banquet


With the above mentioned, we want to assure you that the SMA is still very much committed to working alongside clubs in Saskatchewan. We are continuously reviewing alternatives and unique ways to support the sport during this time. The potential to sanction single events or even a fall series remains a real possibility should we meet the requirements and can be Covid Rule compliant.


For those who have already purchased and obtained their SMA regional membership we will be sending out an email with options for refund or carry forward. With regards to your MRC membership, there may still be opportunities for single events, a fall series, or amateur nationals that would still require an active membership. Further information regarding MRC memberships can be directed to the National MRC office.


We would encourage you to get in contact with your local clubs, as many may still be having member events, riding schools, or other planned activities. The SMA will continue to remain involved and support wherever possible.